Airport Impressions [BW]

Music Photography

Always a challenge shooting such events. You never know what to expect until you’re there and the music starts playing. Nonetheless, I simply love it!

Here are a few taken during James Blunt concert last April

Arzella part 2

Arzella part 1

So lately, I had this shoot and I swear I was smelling the food and drooling while editing the first batch of photos. In fact I had to visit the kitchen multiple times before finishing this batch… I guess there’s a reason why I love food photography :)


So last sunday I had to go to gozo specifically for a shoot which got cancelled as soon as I got to the place… **darn**. Once there with my camera and batteries charged I just couldn’t resist the temptation to drive down to Dwejra (a couple of minutes away). Here are a couple of shots I managed to bag.

Just a taste of what’s to come

Not the usual landscape we’re used to see.. Old trees seemed to be everywhere and we’d randomly park our car at the side of the road each time we locate a tree like this.. I truly wonder what the locals thought of us :-)

Monkey Fest II

The second set of pics edited from my recent trip to york with the fellow monkeys..

Monkey Fest

So, been in york for monkey fest II and all i can say is that it was a blast! Here’s the first set of shots I found time to edit..


I haven’t forgotten about this place really… it’s been consistently on my mind, it’s just that currently there’s a lot of stuff going on. In fact I’m not finding time as much as I’d love to to take pictures. So currently I’m editing a mixture of freshly taken photos and photos that have been taken long ago. Well lately I’ve been uploading to facebook but as time goes by, quality seems to be getting worse and worse there. For who ever knows me, probably knows that I aim for the highest quality in photos. To be honest the 5D mkII helps a lot there, but I try to keep post processing as clean as possible to assure high res printable photos. Today I uploaded a photo to facebook and I was horrified at what it did to the picture… hence I’m uploading it here (why I’m writing this post after all =D)

Well on another note i switched the theme to the only black oriented background I have found on wordpress… When/if i find any time i should do something to this space :-) I know I had started doing something somewhere :-)